For Claire McCaskill It’s Party Before People


JEFFERSON CITY — Senator Claire McCaskill serves a wide constituency of Missourians, yet she chooses to ignore the will of those constituents, placing first priority on her Democrat Party.

Last Friday, McCaskill announced she would join her fellow Washington Democrats in a filibuster of the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.  The announcement came just hours after NARAL Pro-Choice America notified Senators that the group would pull support from anyone who gave Gorsuch a “yes” vote.  Earlier that week, McCaskill was caught on tape saying she wasn’t comfortable with the Grouch filibuster strategy she now joins.

This isn’t the only display of obstruction set forth by McCaskill – she has voted against seven of President Trump’s cabinet picks

“Time and again, Claire McCaskill has given first priority to the Democrat Party, standing in direct contradiction to her Missouri constituency,” said Austin Stukins, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party. “Missourians overwhelmingly elected President Trump, supporting his policies and his ability to choose the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice.  McCaskill has voted against seven of Trump’s cabinet picks and now joins Washington Democrats who have tried to block Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation.  Claire McCaskill’s continued dissent to the will of the people of Missouri will lead to her unseating in 2018.”